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Looking back at the Chinese market, in 2017, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology also launched a key research and development plan for “Substrate Preparation and Homoepitaxy of Third-Generation Semiconductors” to promote the development of GaN single crystal substrates and vertical GaN power devices.

In contrast, China’s research on vertical GaN devices started late; its technical reserves could be stronger, and there is a gap with foreign countries. At present, only a few units, such as Peking University, Zhejiang University, Shenzhen University, China Gallium Technology, and Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology and Nanobionics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have successfully developed vertical GaN power devices, mainly vertical GaN-on-GaN power devices diode.

Since the structure and process of power diodes are relatively simple and an indispensable basic device in power electronic circuits, they are very suitable as the main research object for process development, technology exploration, and mechanism analysis in the early stages of the development of new vertical GaN-on-GaN devices.

In terms of performance, the new vertical structure GaN-on-GaN power diode can fundamentally break through the limitations of traditional planar GaN-on-Si devices in terms of breakdown voltage and dynamic conduction performance and make full use of the GaN material itself to a greater extent. The advantages are expected to become a new direction for developing high-voltage, efficient, and fast-power electronic systems. In particular, the increasing maturity of high-quality intrinsic GaN substrate technology is expected to open a new chapter in this field.

In recent years, China has gradually replaced Japan in the leading position in vertical GaN invention activities. Among them, Chinese players led by research institutions led by Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China appear to be in the lead regarding invention activities, gradually surpassing Japanese players since 2020.

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